911 Is Not Enough


The new UW school year is fast approaching and we have coordinated with the Seattle Police and UWPD. We can expect emphasis patrols in our area prior to and through the early days after school beginning. While many attempts are made through the UW to educate off-campus housed students about noise and party house issues, it still can be a troublesome time, especially at the beginning. Our/your best tool (besides meeting your new neightbors, providing them a copy of our community pamphlet, and addressing the city noise ordinance implications) is to be proactive if and when a noise/party issue beings. Call 911, the police want you to call, and provide all the particulars, especially the address and names if known. Follow this up with an email to our community (UPCC) police representative at risler@u.washington.edu and, if students are involved, send the same information to the UW code-of-conduct office at cssc@u.washington.edu or call 206-685-6194. If questions contact our UPCC police representative at the email above.