Problem/Party Houses

The new UW school year is here and University Park residents have a number of new UW students residing in the neighborhood.  Typically, we experience an increased level of noise and party house related issues.  The Seattle Police and the UW police IPT are on the alert for these problems, but they need to be called (911).  As many permanent residents have learned, doing nothing and hoping it will go away does not work.  Now with the UW supporting our efforts and SPD at the ready the key to resolving these types of problems is really you!  If a problem exists/persists and police response is considered necessary call 911.  If UW students are involved, this needs to be followed up with an e-mail within a day or so to the UW at or call 206-685-6194 and let them know about the incident, i.e. time and date, location, and specifics of the problem.  Also, alert our UPCC representative, at concerning all police related issues.  Our Seattle Police Community Police Team Officer Brian Thomas is also in the loop on this and routinely follows up on reported incidents with offending property residents and property owners.