Useful Contact Information


For all medical, fire and police emergencies, and any time you believe there is need to send police, fire or medical personnel to the scene, Call 911.

Non-emergency Seattle Police Number: 206-625-5011

(Illegal parking on street or planter strip, abandoned vehicle, other general information)

Other Police Contacts: The North Precinct has a list of contact numbers on their website.

On this site you can also sign up for the WatchDawg e-mail subscription service. This is a joint effort between the Seattle Police Department and the University Police Department to advise the community around the UW campus about timely issues.


Many City Services can be located through the City website

Locating contacts within the City administration can be frustrating and time consuming. In this case the City’s Customer Service Bureau is there to help. Their phone number is 206-684-2489.


Main Website

University of Washington Police Department (non-emergency): 206-685-8973

UW Office for Community Standards and Student Conduct (CSSC)

Phone: 206-685-6194

Fax: 206-685-8749



Ongoing Suspected Drug Activity: 206-684-5797

Arson Hotline: 800-552-7766

Abandoned Vehicle: 206-684-8763

DPD Making a Property or Building Complaint: 206-615-0808

Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) permits: 206-684-5086

Trash/Recycling/Yard Waste Customer Service: 206-684-3000

Graffiti: 206-684-7587

Illegal Dumping, Litter: 206-684-7587

Pot Holes, Street Repair, Sidewalk Repair, Street Signs, Traffic Signal Repair: 206-684-7623

SPU Water, Sewer, Drainage Emergency Service: 206-386-1800

Street Light Outage (need 4-digit pole number): 206-684-7056

Neighborhood Service Center (4534 University Way NE): 206-684-7542

Sex Offender Registry (information about sex offenders living in our neighborhood)

Property Information (from the King County Assessor’s webpage)

Battery Recycle Locations

Stopping unwanted junk mail. From these websites you can opt out to receive mail just from certain companies or from a whole category:

DMA Choice


Opt out of yellow pages

Stop unwanted marketing phone calls