UPCC Community Meeting


UPCC Community Meeting

Thursday, 20 October 2016

7 PM

University Lutheran Church

16th NE and NE 50th

From Dinos to Diggers

Educational fun for the Entire Family

  • Washington’s oldest museum is becoming Washington’s newest museum, with a Tyrannosaurus rex (a new discovery) and a New Innovative Museum Building!
  • Learn about the Burke Museum’s deep Seattle roots and get the inside scoop on its latest, thrilling find: the “Tufts-Love Rex.”
  • Burke Museum paleontology staff will share how the new T. rex specimen connects to the vision for the New Burke.
  • The new flagship facility will turn the idea of a museum inside-out, inviting visitors to be part of the daily discoveries generated there.
  • The Burke is a special place near our University Park neighborhood — a great place to visit and volunteer.