UPCC Quarterly Meeting


The University District Service Providers and Livability Partnership Project (UDLP) Update

Speaker: Kristine Cunningham

The U-District has been host to young people who are homeless for many years. Why and what resources are needed to address this? Kristine is Executive Director of ROOTS, a U-District Greater Chamber of Commerce board member, executive member of the U-District Service Providers Alliance and UDLP Steering Committee, and part of the neighborhood since 1990. Join us to hear more about new and on-going social services in the U-District and UDLP-related goals to meet anticipated future needs in the area. Also, learn about opportunities to volunteer your time to assist area providers such as the U-District food bank and ROOTS. Questions and comments are encouraged.

When : Tuesday, 15 October 2013, 7PM

Where: University Lutheran Church at the corner of 50th St and 16th Ave (Enter through the door from the parking lot north of the Church and go all the way down the hallway; the meeting will be held in the “lounge”, which is located just outside the chapel.