RPZ Update

By now if you recently obtained an annual RPZ 6 parking decal or visitor decal you noticed that the annual cost and information needed by SDOT has changed. UPCC participated in a lengthy review of the RPZ program and two significant changes included an increase in the cost of our passes to better reflect the cost of the program. Also, the requirement for your car to be registered in your name and at an address in University Park was a means to increase on-street parking availability for permanent residents. RPZ 6 is one of two RPZ areas that are renewed annually. In our case the UW continues to offset roughly one half of the actual cost ($65) for the first annual replacement sticker. In other RPZ news, we were notified by SDOT that they could not begin the Gameday parking restriction process for 2011 due to staffing and pending internal program development contrary to what we were led to believe. Since 2012 UW football games will be played at CenturyLink field due to pending renovations at Husky Stadium, we expect RPZ 6 Gameday parking restrictions, if approved, will be implemented before the 2013 UW football season.