Problem/Party Houses

With another school year beginning, University Park has a number of new UW students residing in our community. Typically, we experience an increased number of problem/party rental properties that we must deal with. The UW Incident Prevention Team and Seattle Police are on the alert for these issues, but they need, in most cases, to be called (911). Even if no police response occurs because of higher priority activity, this starts the process for our Community Police Team Officer Brian Thomas, and if students are involved, the UW Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct to become involved. Follow up your 911 call with emails and within a day or so to the UW at or call 206-685-6194 and our UPC representative and provide all the particulars including a specific address if known. As many permanent residents have learned, doing nothing and hoping the problem will go away does not work. “You” are the key to resolving theseĀ  issues inĀ  timely manner.