About the UPCC

The UPCC was chartered as a non-profit community organization by the State of Washington in 1975. It is recognized by the City of Seattle to deal with various neighborhood issues in the University Park area of the University District.  Membership is only open to homeowners who reside in University Park, however, other residents are very welcome at our events. Meetings of the UPCC are currently being held quarterly. They typically take place in the “lounge” of the University Lutheran Church, at the corner of 16th Ave NE and NE 50th St. In addition, for much of the past ten years the Club has hosted an annual late summer neighborhood picnic at Ravenna Park.

The current Board is:

  • John Dellinger
  • Ray Kraft (Treasurer)
  • Aileen Langhans (Secretary)
  • Mary Louis
  • Barbara Quinn
  • Ruedi Risler (President)
  • Dave Rodgers (Vice President)
  • Kent Wills

UPCC Club Documents:

  1. UPCC Articles of Incorporation
  2. UPCC Bylaws 2017 (adopted October 2017)